Here’s what guru Don Tapscott does in the COVID disaster

Published: May 1, 2020

For publishers and just about everyone else, the COVID-19 disaster is a classic snafu – situation normal all fucked up.

Just after we went to print with a couple of spring books, our printer was ordered to close their printing plants in Quebec.

Then the bookstores closed.

Then Amazon de-prioritized delivering books.

People are at locked down at home, and you’d think they have time to read, but most people are understandably obsessed with COVID-19, and the huge number of deaths from this terrible novel virus. All they seem to want these days is a mental break on TV, or perhaps a good bottle of wine and a Zoom talk with friends.

It’s not a good time for a new book, we’re told.

So I’m deeply impressed with the Barlow authors who aren’t taking any of this sitting down.

The great business guru Don Tapscott, author of over a dozen ground-breaking books, is gearing up for the publication of Supply Chain Revolution. It goes on sale, in print and as an ebook, on May 19.

Don runs Blockchain Research Institute with his son Alex (and co-author of Blockchain Revolution). They’re doing high-powered Zoom sessions on the pandemic and how the latest wave of internet technology will transform the world. And they’re free. I won’t even guess how much their regular subscribers pay for this kind of intel, but you can sign up gratis. The next session, Blockchain for Good: Charitable giving in the face of pandemic, will be at 8 am April 21. You can check out these intriguing talks here.

Don’s new book, Supply Chain Revolution, just came off the press – thanks to our amazing printer, Marquis, who moved the book from the immobilized Quebec printer to an Ontario one (still considered an essential service.) Our outstanding distributor, Georgetown Publications, is sending books by courier to the homes of BRI’s clients.

You can buy the ebook, thank goodness. It’s not the way most people like to read, but at least you can read this key book without waiting for amazon to start delivering books again.
We all do what we can.

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