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Hypnotherapy for Pain Control

At a time when Canada is struggling with a doctor-prescribed opioid crisis, this book offers a safe alternative for the millions of people who live with chronic pain: self-hypnosis, an ancient technique used today to soothe pain, both acute and long-lasting, with impressive results. This solution comes at a critical time: The typical prescription for pain — opioids — doesn’t work for everyone, and comes with significant and even deadly side effects. The same goes for other medications. Dr. Ennis, a psychiatrist and world-class expert on chronic pain, reviews the disappointing evidence on pain-relief medications to build his case that [...]

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A Life in Psychiatry

When Dr. Paul Garfinkel started his career in psychiatry in the 1970s, psychoanalysis dominated the profession. Then the pendulum swung the other way. Psychoanalysis was discredited and drugs became the treatment of choice for mental illness. Throughout his career, Garfinkel has struggled to find a balance between these two poles, between compassion and human touch on one hand and the rigour of science and the prescribed drugs that have revolutionized psychiatry on the other. Though it was sometimes not popular, he held steadfast to his belief that medicines combined with psychotherapy are often better than either one alone. In this [...]

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Project Unthinkable

This is the memoir of one of the world’s most effective health crusaders and his lifelong campaign to save lives around the globe. Author Derek Yach started out in a traditional way, at the World Health Organization, where he demonized Big Tobacco for causing the death of millions worldwide. Then, after engineering an international treaty to curb smoking around the world, he crossed the line. In an unorthodox move, he joined Pepsi to help its CEO transform the chips and soda behemoth into a more healthy company. The author’s rationale was this: To save tens of millions of lives, you [...]

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The NEW Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging

Updated with the latest advice on sexual health, menopause, vaccines, telemedicine & more This concise guide to healthy aging offers expert advice from a prominent family doctor on the key health issues women need to understand as they age. This guide comes three years after the author’s first book on healthy aging, and it contains important new advice on sexual health, vaccines, bone health, and how to talk with your family doctor on the phone or online during this COVID pandemic. As a noted expert on many aspects of women’s health, Dr. Brown deals with these issues with her patients [...]

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Save Your Mind

This practical and informative book says that you can avoid dementia and the loss of control that accompanies this brain disease by following the author’s seven specific rules to exercise the brain and body. From the winner of Canada’s most prestigious science award, The Canada Gairdner Awards this book also offers an authoritative and easy-to-understand explanation of how the brain works and what happens when dementia afflicts it. Author Dr. Antoine Hakim tells about some of the mind-blowing research that shows how elderly nuns maintained their cognitive abilities even though their brains displayed the physical signs of Alzheimer’s. He argues that you [...]

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The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families

Hockey families across Canada face a familiar dilemma: How do you cook for kids who are on the ice six nights a week and eat dinner at different times each evening? The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families provides the answer: simple, easy, nutritious meals that kids will eat. This book is filled with tips and tricks to relieve the stress on busy hockey parents, whether they’re juggling meals at home or trying to come up with something nutritious on the road. In this book, hockey stars like Ottawa Senators centre Kyle Turris, Toronto Maple Leafs assistant captain Jay McClement, and Olympic gold [...]

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The Jacqueline Shan Story

The Jacqueline Shan Story is the wonderful, improbable story of one woman's extraordinary entrepreneurial career in natural health. A child of the Cultural Revolution, Shan moved to Canada from China in 1987 and set out to prove that natural medicine could meet mainstream scientific standards. After 10 long years of constant challenges and frequent setbacks she succeeded with COLD-FX®, Canada’s top-selling cold and flu remedy, championed by NHL all-stars, legendary TV personality Don Cherry, and Olympian Clara Hughes. This book describes the peaks and valleys in the life of a female entrepreneur with a big national profile. Shan raised millions of [...]

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The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk

In the tradition of Oliver Sacks and Norman Doidge, Dr. Karen Pape, a respected neonatologist and clinical neuroscientist, demonstrates that neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change and heal itself, can transform children’s lives, just as it has transformed the outlook for adults suffering from brain injuries like stroke or Alzheimer’s. This extraordinary book reveals the power of unconscious assumptions in medicine and science. For example, a boy with cerebral palsy affecting one side of his body had learned to walk badly with poor balance, but he was also able to run and play in a competitive junior soccer [...]

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Innovator at Heart

This is the story behind the invention of the medical version of the paper clip—the in-motion cardiac stress test, which has saved millions of lives in the last 50 years. It plays out at the legendary Johns Hopkins University, at a pivotal moment in the scientific history of the heart. But this memoir begins in the war, in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, where Ivan Likar, a boy with little formal education, had to find his way out.

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