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Hypnotherapy for Pain Control

At a time when Canada is struggling with a doctor-prescribed opioid crisis, this book offers a safe alternative for the millions of people who live with chronic pain: self-hypnosis, an ancient technique used today to soothe pain, both acute and long-lasting, with impressive results. This solution comes at a critical time: The typical prescription for pain — opioids — doesn’t work for everyone, and comes with significant and even deadly side effects. The same goes for other medications. Dr. Ennis, a psychiatrist and world-class expert on chronic pain, reviews the disappointing evidence on pain-relief medications to build his case that [...]

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Odell’s Fall

What happens when you begin your life with nothing but pain and claw your way to the top of the pyramid? There’s only one way to go. Odell Moore is one of America’s elite commercial lawyers: an African-American success story. Only one thing is missing from his life — until he falls in love and elopes with Dee, the daughter of an Alabama senator. This is a story of a high-stakes game of survival in a top Manhattan law firm, where love, friendship, and the partnership are torn apart by murder in Odell’s penthouse. Was Odell the killer? Or was [...]

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Toronto’s Lost Golf Courses

with Joanne Doucette This richly illustrated coffee-table book is the perfect gift for the Toronto golfer and history buff. It’s a pictorial history of golf in Toronto, with over 150 maps, illustrations, and pictures of both the long-lost golf clubs and the prominent people who were the pioneers of golf in the region. It describes the nearly 30 golf courses established in the Toronto area from 1869 to 1919 that literally shaped the city. In fact, if you live in Toronto today, there is a very real possibility that your home is on a former golf course — or is a [...]

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Garment of Destiny

Dr. Abdallah Daar, a world-renowned transplant surgeon, scientist, bioethicist and global health expert, is a Tanzanian born into Swahili culture, with ancestral roots in Arabia, the Caucasus Mountains, and Ethiopia. This memoir chronicles the exploration of his multiple identities, taking the reader on an absorbing journey to Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Zanzibar, South Africa, Idi Amin’s Uganda, London, Oxford, the Middle East, the US, Canada, and beyond. We meet slaves, royalty, great heroes, Nobel Prize winners, and mass murderers. It is an impassioned call to resist the polarization that is wrenching apart people of different “races,” cultures and religions. Inspired [...]

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Between Stone and Stars

Fredrik Eaton wrote this entertaining memoir for his family and friends. He tells the story of what it was like to grow up as a member of the Eaton family in Toronto during the heyday of the department store chain, and how he ran the company until 1988, nine years before it filed for bankruptcy protection. Eaton gives readers an inside look at his life in London, where he served as Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 1991–1994, his philanthropic work, and his love for big game hunting, fishing, and sailing. The Eaton memoir is available on request [...]

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The NEW Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging

Updated with the latest advice on sexual health, menopause, vaccines, telemedicine & more This concise guide to healthy aging offers expert advice from a prominent family doctor on the key health issues women need to understand as they age. This guide comes three years after the author’s first book on healthy aging, and it contains important new advice on sexual health, vaccines, bone health, and how to talk with your family doctor on the phone or online during this COVID pandemic. As a noted expert on many aspects of women’s health, Dr. Brown deals with these issues with her patients [...]

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The Greenbelt

This beautiful coffee-table book is a portrait of Ontario’s Greenbelt and the people who nurture it. Stretching from the Niagara Peninsula to Tobermory and Rice Lake—with farmland, forests, and watersheds—the Greenbelt is the largest protected peri-urban urban green space in the world. To be published 12 years after the Greenbelt was founded, The Greenbelt is bursting with gorgeous photography that will inspire and delight anyone who has walked its trails, driven its roads, or tasted its fresh bounty. Burkhard Mausberg, CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation and one of the key players in the protection of its natural beauty, tells the story of [...]

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True Family Wealth

If parents want to grow and keep their money, there are plenty of books to advise them how. If they want to learn how to help their adult children lead inspired lives full of love while having the money and other resources to support them, their book choices are truly limited. True Family Wealth addresses this unmet need. It’s written for parents who have achieved financial success, or are on their way to doing so, but now face the concern that their children may not live up to their potential. This inspiring and practical book shows readers how to transform their limiting [...]

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Kakuma Girls

Clare Morneau, daughter of Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, is only 17, but she has created an inspiring and beautiful book for teenage girls that vividly portrays both the hardships and the delightful spirit of similarly aged girls living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. These courageous girls describe how, as young children, they escaped from violence in neighbouring countries, often without their parents to protect them. They ended up at a gritty camp in northwestern Kenya, where an elementary school set up by Angelina Jolie was the only school for girls available. Then the Morneau family insurance company established [...]

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Rethink Work

This book tackles one of the big problems employers face today: finding and keeping the best employees, especially at a time when young workers typically quit after only three years on the job. Rethink Work stands out from other books in this category because the author is one of those young people: 24-year-old Eric Termuende, a rising star on the international speakers circuit. Instead of relying on the well-tread but often misguided notions that emerge from surveys, Termuende writes about the actual experiences of young people on the job. The result is a refreshing look at the workplace today. To keep the [...]

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The YOU Factor

In The YOU Factor, dynamic life coach Leslie Strong gives you the tools to rediscover your personal power and break down the barriers to self-fulfillment. As a professional life and executive coach, Leslie repeatedly hears stories that illustrate the same point: When you lose power over your life, when you lose control over what you do, you lose some of the pleasure and joy and fulfillment of life itself. The primary lesson of The YOU Factor is that you don’t have to live this way. You can get back the personal power you once had. For many people this is a big shift [...]

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The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families

Hockey families across Canada face a familiar dilemma: How do you cook for kids who are on the ice six nights a week and eat dinner at different times each evening? The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families provides the answer: simple, easy, nutritious meals that kids will eat. This book is filled with tips and tricks to relieve the stress on busy hockey parents, whether they’re juggling meals at home or trying to come up with something nutritious on the road. In this book, hockey stars like Ottawa Senators centre Kyle Turris, Toronto Maple Leafs assistant captain Jay McClement, and Olympic gold [...]

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Planet Boomer

For all of those Boomers who are looking down the barrel of an underfunded and uncomfortable retirement, this guidebook offers a great escape—to an inspired life in Southeast Asia, where the cost of comfort is half of what it is in Canada. Read about 15 fascinating destinations in 5 countries where people are living in dream houses and condos on the beach, up in the mountains, or in dynamic urban landscapes. Amid these tempting stories, you’ll find practical advice on visas, taxes, health care, and buying and renting property. Whether dropping out of the corporate grind at 50 or retiring [...]

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The Mommy Mob

Rebecca Eckler, famous for her frank and funny books about modern parenting, has joined the burgeoning ranks of mommy bloggers. Her posts go gamely into territory where others fear to tread. Her daughter discovers her vibrator beside the bedside table and uses it as a microphone. She argues that it’s fine to take a vacation when the boy is just ten weeks old. She hires a pro to teach her kid how to ride a bike. This book is about what happens next. The world of mommy blogging has introduced Eckler to a constituency previously unknown to her: The Mommy [...]

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Desserts From My Kitchen

Lesley Stowe, famous as the creator of Raincoast Crisps, is passionate about desserts and hopes to revive the art of home-crafted sweets. Crammed with over 100 recipes for cakes, show-stopping dinner party finales, frozen desserts, cookies, bars, tarts, holiday favourites, and sauces, this cookbook will give even the inexperienced host a chance to share the fun and delight of making a delectable dessert. When Stowe returned to Vancouver from cooking school in Paris, she noticed that the delicate and sophisticated desserts she loved weren’t available in her hometown. She set out to rectify that by opening her own catering and [...]

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