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Bright Fish

With illustrations throughout the book by Toronto designer Kal Honey, this lovely collection of poems by Lovell Ferris Baldock has been praised by some of Canada’s most notable writers. “Acute, vivid, perceptive, moving and often witty, Lavell Ferris Baldock’s poems are a joy to read.” —Margaret MacMillan, historian. “As sharp as shattered glass, as luscious as rainbows, these poems both soothe and sting. In these gorgeous pages, you will find a trove of magical things.” —Oakland Ross, author Bright Fish is on sale in paperback at

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Dr. John Evans founded the McMaster Medical school with a new model for medical education. He was the driving force behind MARs, which brings scientists and business people together in downtown Toronto. He reinvented himself multiple times as he moved through the worlds of academia, global health and business. This is his story.

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Outside the Gate

Between 1869 and 1948, Britain sent more than 100,000 “home children” to Canada to work as indentured farmers and domestics. They were promised a bright future in the land of opportunity, and some managed to make a good life but many were abused, neglected, and reviled by those who took them in. Although most still had families back home, reunification was discouraged. One of those children was Winnie Cooper. Born in the slums of Scarborough, Yorkshire, in 1908, she was sent at age twelve to Barnardo’s Village Home for Girls near London. Three years later, Winnie was shipped off [...]

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