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The Phelan Feud

This book, by award-winning writer Stephen Kimber, takes readers behind the scenes of an epic family feud inside one of Canada’s wealthiest families. The Phelans owned Cara Operations and its many popular restaurant chains, including Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet. Trouble began when family patriarch Paul James Phelan refused to yield control to the next generation. What followed pitted brother against sisters, against father in boardrooms and courtrooms. You might be surprised to know who won this generational war. Phelan v Phelan is a must-read for anyone interested in the challenges of succession — and survival — in a family company. [...]

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This memoir offers a compelling glimpse into the life of a Canadian cardiac surgeon who stood at the forefront of the transformative 20th-century revolution in heart surgery. Dr. Arvind Koshal guides readers through the doors of the operating room in Ottawa during the 1980s, when he was part of a team that leveraged the latest technology and techniques to advance cardiac surgery in Canada. The narrative transports us to an extraordinary era in heart surgery—a period made even more remarkable by Koshal’s personal journey from India in 1975, a time when open-heart surgery was in its infancy.

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The Parenting Handbook

AMAZON HOT NEW RELEASE The Parenting Handbook helps parents develop deep and connected relationships with their children. The authors, who are child psychologists and moms with an immense social media following, give parents practical tools and strategies backed by the latest research in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Parents will learn about how to foster optimal brain development in children, and how to translate that into actionable steps each and every day. This book is a roadmap to nurture resiliency, connection, emotional regulation, and well-being in children.

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Fully Tested

This is the story of WR Davis Engineering, which author Rolly Davis set up in Ottawa as a one-man engineering consultancy in 1975. Davis became a global leader in defence, a world leader in the stealth technology that shields military aircraft and naval ships from heat-seeking missiles and mines. How did a small Ottawa company get into the big leagues of defence, and stay there?

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The Practice of Philanthropy

“Here is a book (finally!) that speaks comprehensively and powerfully to the unique challenge of running a foundation. With practical insights and wisdom gleaned from years of experience, Malcolm Macleod explores the crucial elements required for impact, from building strong relationships with non-profits to getting the most out of a governing board to managing an endowment. Skillfully weaving powerful stories of impact that remind us why this work matters with practical insights and tips for those who find themselves leading foundations, Macleod’s book is the most comprehensive resource for foundation leaders I have seen. Every foundation CEO, aspiring CEO, and [...]

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In this biography, Dave Werklund tells how he grew up on a farm, left school in Grade 9, and then built a multi-billion-dollar business in Alberta to clean up oil waste and pollution. As an environmentalist working in the oil business, he argues that Alberta has among the most stringent environmental standards anywhere in the oil world. Yet like everyone in the Alberta oil business, Werklund has faced disaster and had to find a way out. ~ Winner of the Petroleum History Society’s 2023 Book of the Year Award ~  

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Repairing the World

Ask most anyone who knows Sheila Kussner to describe her, and they say the same thing: “She’s unstoppable.” Renowned in her native Montreal as a fundraiser extraordinaire, the champion of cancer treatment and care was still going strong as her ninetieth birthday approached to secure the financial future of her best-known achievement, Hope & Cope, a pioneering, peer-based support service for cancer patients. Sheila also raised tens of millions of dollars to create the oncology department of McGill University. But as this biography explores, fundraising only scratches the surface of the character and deeds of this remarkable figure.

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Hold on Tight

A Mom’s Choice Awards® Recipient and Today’s Parent Columnist Jan Stewart’s book is an intimate account of raising two children with mental illnesses. It describes, from a parent’s point of view, the rollercoaster journey from hope to terror, and back again, as the children go to school and grow up to be young adults with jobs. It has not been easy. Stewart, a corporate executive, tells how she and her husband struggled to raise the children, find the right professional help, schools, jobs, and housing. She talks frankly about the toll it has taken on her marriage, her family, and social life, [...]

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Dr. John Evans founded the McMaster Medical school with a new model for medical education. He was the driving force behind MARs, which brings scientists and business people together in downtown Toronto. He reinvented himself multiple times as he moved through the worlds of academia, global health and business. This is his story.

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