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Fully Tested

This is the story of WR Davis Engineering, which author Rolly Davis set up in Ottawa as a one-man engineering consultancy in 1975. Davis became a global leader in defence, a world leader in the stealth technology that shields military aircraft and naval ships from heat-seeking missiles and mines. How did a small Ottawa company get into the big leagues of defence, and stay there?

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Re-Visioning Retirement

When Susan Reid retired from her job as a business professor at Bishop’s University in the summer of 2021, she realized she had no plan for her own retirement. That was a surprise. As a professor, Susan had spent many years helping businesses and individuals set a clear vision for their activities. Now it was her turn. In this book, Susan sets out to find her own vision for retirement by tapping into the corporate visioning exercises she knows so well. Along the way, she shares her insights with readers so they can find their own vision for retirement.

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City Builders

Vancouver developers Peter and Shahram Malek have lost two great fortunes, both times at the hands of a hostile government. First, as young men in the flush of success, they were forced from Revolutionary Iran, leaving behind the massive construction and development business built by their father. Second, and more surprisingly, after rebuilding in Vancouver, to the point that they could deliver an internationally admired 80-acre, 1.5 million-square-foot Athletes Village in time for the 2010 Olympics, and the City pushed the project into insolvency and seized everything but the Maleks’ own homes. Either disaster would have ruined less resilient players. [...]

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Fifty Years of Hard Work

This book, originally written in Farsi, is the memoir of Amir Malek, who once ran one of the biggest construction companies in Iran and the Middle East. It’s a fascinating look at Iran before the Revolution, and Malek tells us about some of his company’s biggest achievements, such as Asian Sports Complex in Tehran, which included a giant man-made lake. Then the Revolution came. After a dramatic exit from Iran, he rebuilt his life and the business in Paris. It’s a story of resiliency and honour.

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The Principles of Philanthropy

“Here is a book (finally!) that speaks comprehensively and powerfully to the unique challenge of running a foundation. With practical insights and wisdom gleaned from years of experience, Malcolm Macleod explores the crucial elements required for impact, from building strong relationships with non-profits to getting the most out of a governing board to managing an endowment. Skillfully weaving powerful stories of impact that remind us why this work matters with practical insights and tips for those who find themselves leading foundations, Macleod’s book is the most comprehensive resource for foundation leaders I have seen. Every foundation CEO, aspiring CEO, and [...]

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Dr. John Evans founded the McMaster Medical school with a new model for medical education. He was the driving force behind MARs, which brings scientists and business people together in downtown Toronto. He reinvented himself multiple times as he moved through the worlds of academia, global health and business. This is his story.

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