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A Lifetime of Collecting

by Mary Scott Himes This coffee table book celebrates the art collection of two remarkable people, Janet and Michael Scott. The Toronto couple collected art throughout their lives and enriched everyone who looked at the pictures on their walls. The art they collected often challenged people to think and see differently than they normally do, which was just the point. This book, created for family and friends, is a physical record of that collection, something they will cherish long after the pictures have gone to other homes or institutions. It recognizes Janet’s exceptional talent at identifying important artists and artworks [...]

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The Art of the Turnaround

In The Art of the Turnaround, Mike Dunlop shares his proven 10-step method for turning around companies in deep financial distress, which he has used to restore some 34 companies to financial health and profitability. Infused with Dunlop’s down-to-earth humour and deep understanding of how the people in companies actually work, especially at a time of crisis, The Art of the Turnaround offers CEOs of troubled companies, and leaders who are buying distressed companies, a practical way to avoid financial ruin. Dunlop also offers hope that, after the challenging task of turning a money-losing company into a profitable one, life [...]

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The Phelan Feud

This book, by award-winning writer Stephen Kimber, takes readers behind the scenes of an epic family feud inside one of Canada’s wealthiest families. The Phelans owned Cara Operations and its many popular restaurant chains, including Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet. Trouble began when family patriarch Paul James Phelan refused to yield control to the next generation. What followed pitted brother against sisters, against father in boardrooms and courtrooms. You might be surprised to know who won this generational war. Phelan v Phelan is a must-read for anyone interested in the challenges of succession — and survival — in a family company. [...]

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City Builders

Vancouver developers Peter and Shahram Malek have lost two great fortunes, both times at the hands of a hostile government. First, as young men in the flush of success, they were forced from Revolutionary Iran, leaving behind the massive construction and development business built by their father. Second, and more surprisingly, after rebuilding in Vancouver, to the point that they could deliver an internationally admired 80-acre, 1.5 million-square-foot Athletes Village in time for the 2010 Olympics, and the City pushed the project into insolvency and seized everything but the Maleks’ own homes. Either disaster would have ruined less resilient players. [...]

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