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Dr. John Evans founded the McMaster Medical school with a new model for medical education. He was the driving force behind MARs, which brings scientists and business people together in downtown Toronto. He reinvented himself multiple times as he moved through the worlds of academia, global health and business. This is his story.

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9 Steps to a RichLife Retirement

Retirement planning isn’t just about the money. It’s also about time … and how you will spend your time in all the important non-financial facets of life. People retiring today need to plan for 25-plus good years ahead. That’s more than 1300 weeks, more than 9100 days. What are you planning to do over the next 218,000 hours? No earlier generation has enjoyed such an extended retirement. There are no role models for how to do it best. Happily, though, Susan Latremoille is a visionary guide. In this book she lays out an effective 9-step process to maximize engagement, fulfillment, [...]

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The Naphtha Revolution

A beautifully illustrated coffee-table book that launches the reader into the moneyed world of late 19th-century America, when men once known as Robber Barons amassed great fortunes and bought glamorous boats for themselves and their friends and family. In these early days, boats were powered by steam engines, but unfortunately some of the boilers exploded, with lethal consequences. It was a Swedish immigrant, Frank Ofeldt, who found the answer: naphtha, a derivative of oil that was used in lamps. He found a way to control the volatile substance, and then used his knowledge and experience to invent the naphtha launch, [...]

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Digital Asset Revolution

Business leaders who are new to blockchain can quickly find themselves overwhelmed or bewildered by the innovative digital assets, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and open economic systems that blockchain pioneers are creating. In this book, the authors intend to remedy that. In each chapter, they ask executives and investors to step back and witness the grand transformation underway. Financial services, foundational to all industries and economic activity, is undergoing a big shake-up. Every aspect of the sector is changing, from how we move and store value to how we access credit, invest, trade, transact, and insure against risk. This is an eminently [...]

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Outside the Gate

Between 1869 and 1948, Britain sent more than 100,000 “home children” to Canada to work as indentured farmers and domestics. They were promised a bright future in the land of opportunity, and some managed to make a good life but many were abused, neglected, and reviled by those who took them in. Although most still had families back home, reunification was discouraged. One of those children was Winnie Cooper. Born in the slums of Scarborough, Yorkshire, in 1908, she was sent at age twelve to Barnardo’s Village Home for Girls near London. Three years later, Winnie was shipped off to [...]

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The Sales MBA

Contrary to many predictions, there is growing demand for highly skilled sales jobs in the modern economy. Whether you’re a salesperson or a knowledge worker, knowing how to influence corporate buyers has become a critical skill. But most sales books tend to be narrow and prescriptive. They focus only on tactics and tools rather than principles and mindset that can redefine your approach. This is a different kind of sales book. In plain and direct language, Douglas Cole shows what it means to become a Strategist, a Change Agent, and a Decision Architect. Referencing the most important research and a [...]

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The Search for the Magical Egg

Every child asks the question: Where did I come from? In the case of children created by IVF, the answer can be a little trickier. This delightfully illustrated book for children ages 5 to 7 will help to answer the question – with a little help from a little turtle named Sheldon and his parents.

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