Barlow’s First Young Writer’s Night

Published: August 30, 2016

​​At our first Barlow Young Writers Night, we heard some fantastic stories from a dozen Toronto writers under 30.

They shared a full range of inspiring book ideas, from a devastating story of recovery from childhood abuse to the stories of family in Bosnia, to an idea for a cookbook in Ontario’s cottage country—and more.

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​An all-star cast turned out to coach them, including The Walrus editor Jon Kay, Kate Lunau, Motherboard editor at Vice Media, the Munk School’s Bernard Simon, editor Jonathan Schmidt and marketing marvels Debbie Gaudet and Debby de Groot.

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​​They spent the evening sharpening up their book ideas, and next week, we’ll share them with you.

Blog post imageThe Greenbelt: Protecting and Cultivating a Great Ontario Treasure
Blog post imageOn a Mission