Barlow’s Young Writers Night

Published: June 16, 2016

Are you writing a book? A non-fiction book about something that matters to you and to the world you live in? We want to help!

It’s tough out there. It’s tough to get a book deal if you don’t have the fame, or the money to hire great editors to help you. But we’re betting that there are some great unpublished book ideas that we want to hear about.

So if you’re under 30, and you’re writing a non-fiction book, we want to help you — for free, no strings attached. Send us your book idea (30 to 300 words) by July 25th. We’ll announce up to 20 winners on August 2nd.

The winners will be invited to a three-hour seminar where you’ll meet top book editors and marketers who can help you sharpen your idea and understand your target market. Then you’ll be one step closer to publishing your book, either with a traditional publisher or in the self-publishing world.

We’re doing this for one simple reason: We love exciting new ideas, and we want to see you publish your book.

Please submit your ideas to

For general inquiries please email

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