Right Hand Man Finalist for National Business Book Award

Published: May 7, 2019

I’m so pleased to share the news that Right Hand Man, by Phil Lind with Robert Brehl, is a finalist for the prestigious National Business Book Award. As long-time second-in-command to Canadian entrepreneur Ted Rogers, Lind shares his account of the events and people that shaped Rogers’ cable and telecom company – and an entire sector. He brings a uniquely personal perspective to the Rogers story. Lind paints a vibrant portrait of a driven visionary with an appetite for risk and aggressive deal-making, who was adept at navigating and framing the regulatory and cultural policy environment in which the company had to survive. 

Congratulations to the entire Barlow Books team for their part in helping to achieve this terrific honour: Tracy Bordian, book producer and managing editor-at-large, oversaw the production and design process. Her team included typesetter Rob Scanlan, copy editor Karen Alliston, proofreader Eleanor Gasparik, and indexer Wendy Thomas. Paul Hodgson created the memorable cover design. At Georgetown Publications, Rob Dawson directed the terrific sales and distribution team. Thanks also to Alina Duvnier for her spot-on publicity campaign.

Best for last: Huge congratulations to Right Hand Man author Phil Lind and his writing partner, Robert Brehl, for creating a book that me laugh out loud, many times.

This is a real coup for Barlow Books, a hybrid publisher that offers the best of traditional publishing to entrepreneurial authors.

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NBBAward winner Bob Brehl on interviewing Ted Rogers and his right hand man, Phil Lind