A Lifetime of Collecting

A Lifetime of Collecting

Janet and Michael Scott

by Mary Scott Himes

This coffee table book celebrates the art collection of two remarkable people, Janet and Michael Scott. The Toronto couple collected art throughout their lives and enriched everyone who looked at the pictures on their walls. The art they collected often challenged people to think and see differently than they normally do, which was just the point.

This book, created for family and friends, is a physical record of that collection, something they will cherish long after the pictures have gone to other homes or institutions. It recognizes Janet’s exceptional talent at identifying important artists and artworks very early, and it sheds light on the power of Janet and Michael’s partnership in creating such a personal and unique collection.

It is not for sale.

Please send any inquiries to the publisher, Sarah Barlow Scott: sarah@barlowbooks.com

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10.5" x 10.5" hardcover

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