Book – Disaster Proof

Disaster Proof

Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future

by Lance Mortlock

Nothing has rocked the foundations of the world, including the business world, more than the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses struggle and often flounder to cope, many business leaders are wondering how to deal with the unpredictable. How do you plan for something you can’t predict? Strategist Lance Mortlock says you can, and you should. In this practical and accessible guide, he shows how scenario planning can identify risks and uncertainties and predict a variety of different realities that will affect the future of any organization. He gives business leaders the tools to understand the forces emerging in a volatile, rapidly changing world so organizations are better prepared than their competitors to deal with them. This guide can be used by industries, the military, even governments, and, if executed properly, it will prepare leaders for every kind of unexpected challenge, from dramatic changes in commodity prices to wars and terrorist attacks and even pandemics.

This book will help business leaders:

  • Gain an earlier view of long-term forces that will affect their organizations performance
  • Be better prepared for future disasters on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Ensure that strategies are properly tested and ready for any eventuality
  • Stretch their mental models around wider future focused options

book specs

6" x 9" hardcover, 260 pp.





release date

January 28, 2021

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As a professor for over 30 years teaching corporate strategy, I can only commend you on your book. In our turbulent and uncertain world, scenario planning is the best way to prepare for our future.

Klaus Schwab

Founder and Executive Chairman

World Economic Forum