Hold on Tight

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Amazon Bestseller ~ #1 in Autism

Hold on Tight

A Parent's Journey Raising Children with Mental Illness

A Mom’s Choice Awards® Recipient and Today’s Parent Columnist

Jan Stewart’s book is an intimate account of raising two children with mental illnesses. It describes, from a parent’s point of view, the rollercoaster journey from hope to terror, and back again, as the children go to school and grow up to be young adults with jobs. It has not been easy. Stewart, a corporate executive, tells how she and her husband struggled to raise the children, find the right professional help, schools, jobs, and housing. She talks frankly about the toll it has taken on her marriage, her family, and social life, and she offers invaluable advice, from the voice of deep experience, to parents of children with mental illnesses.

Jan Stewart named TOP CONTRIBUTOR for 2023 – Exceptional Needs Today magazine

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January 25, 2023Torys LLP:  Bell Let’s Talk speaker
January 26, 2023Dunblaine School: keynote parental speaker
February 8, 2023

Children’s Mental Health Ontario: Featured speaker and panel facilitator during their annual (virtual) conference

February 15, 2023Mabin School, along with UTS: Featured speaker at community event
February 17, 2023

TELUS Health: Presenter at annual Employers Connect virtual conference

March 7, 2023

Tourette Association of America: Featured speaker at Youth Ambassador and Rising Leaders Program in Washington, D.C.

March 8, 2023Montcrest School: Featured speaker at parental event
March 9, 2023Speaker at small parental conference in Mississauga
March 16, 2023Presentation to the Danforth Family Network
April 6, 2023

Kerry’s Place Autism Services: Keynote speaker at virtual community event

April 24, 2023Community Living Toronto Family and Friends Update: Featured speaker
May 2, 2023

Conversation with Jan Stewart, Hold on Tight: A Parent’s Journey Raising Neurodiverse Children, Air Canada

May 15, 2023

Tourette Canada, 2023 Tourette Awareness Month webinar:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL82jkXjYTA

May 20, 2023For the Tourette Association of America national Tic-Con 2023 conference, Jan presented “A Parent’s Roller Coaster Journey With Her Children’s Tourette Syndrome: From Anguish and Fear to Inspiration and Empowerment”
June 7, 2023Tourette Canada Quarterly Webinar Series: Featured speaker
August 31, 2023Unsinkable: Guest speaker, Board of Directors
October 3, 2023Grant Thornton: Featured speaker
October 21, 2023

International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation: Keynote Panel, Voices from the OCD Community, IOCDF Conference

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