How to Be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas

Do you want to travel and make a positive impact on the world? This book is designed for you. How to Be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas delivers practical advice on how to decide what to do and where to go. It will help you to prepare for living in a new country where the culture and customs are very different. And it will help you to make sure you help the organizations serving as your host rather than be a burden.

This book has lots of stories from the author’s experience around the world. Susan Gibson started as many volunteers do, with no idea of how to help people on the ground. After a great many stumbles, she discovered the key to being a successful volunteer overseas: First, go to learn. Then you can help.

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6" x 9" paperback, 216 pp.


$20.00 CAN (Hardcover)
$17.00 US Special pricing for bulk buys. (Hardcover)


978-1-988025-69-8 (Hardcover)

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Sarah Barlow



People who change the world are not necessarily ‘special’ people. They are everyday people who do not hesitate to respond to outside signals. Volunteering is about discovering what you can do and about getting to a point to take your own first steps. This book chronicles Susan’s journey to discover herself – you’ll enjoy being a co-traveller with her.

Professor Muhammad YunusNobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006