The Phelan Feud

The Bitter Struggle for Control of a Great Canadian Food Empire

This book, by award-winning writer Stephen Kimber, takes readers behind the scenes of an epic family feud inside one of Canada’s wealthiest families. The Phelans owned Cara Operations and its many popular restaurant chains, including Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet. Trouble began when family patriarch Paul James Phelan refused to yield control to the next generation. What followed pitted brother against sisters, against father in boardrooms and courtrooms. You might be surprised to know who won this generational war. Phelan v Phelan is a must-read for anyone interested in the challenges of succession — and survival — in a family company. And for anyone intrigued to read a real-life version of Succession.

book specs

6 x 9, 256 pp.


$35.00 (Hardcover)


978-1-998841-08-0 (Hardcover)

release date

June 6, 2024

media contact

Sarah Barlow