Save Your Mind

Save Your Mind

Seven Rules to Avoid Dementia

This practical and informative book says that you can avoid dementia and the loss of control that accompanies this brain disease by following the author’s seven specific rules to exercise the brain and body. From the winner of Canada’s most prestigious science award, The Canada Gairdner Awards this book also offers an authoritative and easy-to-understand explanation of how the brain works and what happens when dementia afflicts it. Author Dr. Antoine Hakim tells about some of the mind-blowing research that shows how elderly nuns maintained their cognitive abilities even though their brains displayed the physical signs of Alzheimer’s. He argues that you can build up a defensive system, a cognitive reserve, to protect your mind if you have a stroke. It’s even possible to reverse the early signs of dementia. Save Your Mind is an essential book for anyone who wants to take proactive steps to prevent dementia and the loss of mental control.

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6” x 9” 256 pgs.


$28.00 (Paperback)


978-1-988025-21-6 (Paperback)

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April 22, 2017

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Sarah Barlow



January, 2018

Dr. Hakim’s book, Save Your Mind, is listed on the Book Manager Bestseller List.

March 28th, 2017

Dr. Hakim won the prestigious 2017 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award for outstanding research into stroke and its consequences and championing stroke prevention and treatment in Canada and beyond. The Gairdner’s are called the “baby nobels” because so many winners go on to also win the Nobel Prize.

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Dr. Hakim’s book shines a light on the critical importance of brain health: what we put in our heads helps protect us from both stroke and dementia. The book emphasizes the brain’s constant need for good blood supply, and describes how vascular risk factors such as high blood pressure can be managed through long-term regular physical activity, healthy eating, good sleep habits, avoiding loneliness and exercising the brain by learning new activities. This book raises awareness around the risk of dementia and provides essential and practical information for anyone who wishes to reduce the risk for this awful condition.

Dr. Patrice LindsayDirector, StrokeHeart & Stroke Foundation

Dementia is a huge problem, and this impressive book can help each one of us reduce our risk for it.

Dr. Yves JoanetteChairWorld Dementia Council

This is a clear, concise, and beautifully written book that is essential reading for all adults, young and old, who want to have healthy brains in their later years. This book explains, in terms that will be understood by all, why we get demented, and provides a simple and accessible way to prevent this. A must-read that could potentially change the way we age.

Jeanne Teitelbaum, MD FRCPProgram Director for Neurocritical CareMontreal Neurological Institute

When approaching middle or old age, who of us has not been afraid of the possibility of developing dementia? In a well-researched book, Dr. Hakim outlines seven practical measures each of us can take to prevent, or at least postpone, this unpleasant disease.

François Mai, MD, FRCPC, FRCP(Ed).Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Queen’s UniversityAuthor of Diagnosing Genius: The Life and Death of Beethoven

With advice that is actionable, in language that is sharp, Dr. Hakim shows, explains and sensitizes. As he uncovers the human dimensions of the disease and what can be done, he enables us to care better for ourselves, and others

This book is a gift, an invitation to the human spirit, a call to our formidable capacity to engage in combat, and change course. Armed with love, determination, empathy, and the very memories that are under attack, everyone can take steps today so the future doesn’t take away the present, then the past. This book is for everyone who owns a brain.

Michaëlle JeanSecretary GeneralLa Francophonie and Governor General of Canada (2005-2010)


Speaking Tour

Dr. Hakim will be giving a number of keynote speeches over the next few months. These speaking engagements are closed to the public.

September 28, 2017Ottawa, Department of Geriatrics
October 19, 2017Montreal (in French), Université de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Department of Geriatrics
October 20, 2017Quebec city (in French), Université Laval, Department of Geriatrics
October 24, 2017Ottawa, Parliament Hill (Part of the Gairdner awards)
October 24, 2017Ottawa, University of Ottawa (Part of the Gairdner awards)
Toronto, Grand Rounds (Part of the Gairdner awards)
October 26, 2017Toronto (Part of the Gairdner awards)
November 2, 2017Winnipeg, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
January 24, 2018Los Angeles, American Heart Association
February 13, 2018Montreal (in English), McGill University
February 28, 2018Ottawa, Active Jewish Adults
May 28, 2018Ottawa, Council on Aging
April 20, 2018Ottawa, YMCA, Friday Luncheon Discussion Club (FLDC)

Week of Jan 22nd to Jan 26th, 2018

Dr. Antoine Hakim will giving a talk this week in Los Angeles to the American Stroke Association.

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