Book – The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women: Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project

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The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women:

Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project

Edited by Colleen Moorehead

​This important new book for businesswomen looks at the 10 key characteristics of today’s winning leaders. These characteristics — like compassion, honesty, and authenticity — were once seen as feminine weaknesses in business. But today they define the leader who strengthens organizations rather than undermines them.

This book comes from the voices of experience, powerful executives such as Kathleen Taylor, the Royal Bank’s chair of the board; Shelly Lazarus, chair emeritus of Ogilvy and Mather; and Annette Verschuren, former president of Home Depot Canada. They’re among the 70 women who tell compelling, first-person stories about ambition, courage, and the hard choices they’ve made to manage personal and professional lives in the real world of business. It’s sage advice for young women about how they can move up in organizations while remaining true to themselves and to their families.
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Featured stories by:

Daryl Aitken
Monique Allen
Ikram Al Mouaswas
Kimberly Armstrong
Greg Barber
Cathy Barrick
Charlotte Beers
Lorna Borenstein
Cheryl Brunato
Laura Cameron
Tiziana Casciaro
Marlene Cepparo
Rowena Chan
Cheri Chevalier
Frank Clegg
Alison Coville
Beatrix Dart
Emma Da Silva
Sarah Davis
Shauna Emerson O’Neill
Heather Fraser
Clare Gaudet
Jennifer Gillivan
Helena Gottschling
Stacey Grant-Thompson

Jhale Hajiyeva
Margaret Heffernan
Paula Hodgins
Pamela Hughes
Martine Irman
Emily Jelich
Dawn Jetten
Janet Kestin
Aileen Kheraj
Lisa Kimmel
Jane Kinney
Paula Knight
Genviève Lavertu
Shelly Lazarus
Tina Lee
Linda MacKay
Sharon MacLeod
Mary Lou Maher
Kim Mason
Erin Mclean
Carol McNamara
Sandra Palmaro
Natasha Pekelis
Simone Philogène
Denise Pickett

Dale Ponder
Sandra Rondzik Popik
David Powell
Susan Ross
Jane Russell
Lindsay Sacknoff
Sandra Sanderson
Tracy Sandler
Kerri-Ann Santaguida
Sandy Sharman
Geeta Sheker
Colleen Sidford
Andrea Stairs
Kathleen Taylor
Maria Theofilaktidis
Bill Thomas
John Thompson
Daria Thorp
Shari Walczak
Beth Wilson
Pamela Winsor
Annette Verschuren
Nancy Vonk

book specs

6 x 9

264 pages


$29.99 CAN


978-988025-38-4 (hardcover)

release date

April 23, 2019

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Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project Weaves Magic and Wisdom

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Reviewer Candy Palmater says: “I would give this as a gift to any women I know of any age. You realize how many women are sitting at big, big tables — the CEO of Dentons Canada, high-ranking bankers, high-ranking IT people, each one telling personal stories of the challenges of their own lives and relaying that as advice to other women. I thought it was really compelling."

Editor Colleen Moorehead is hosting more than a dozen events this fall to talk about Collective Wisdom.

In the past two weeks:

  • 200 women turned out at an OpenText event in Waterloo.
  • 50 women came to the first of three panel discussions about women leadership at Verity, the women’s club.
  • A dozen other events are scheduled this fall.
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