People still like to buy books in stores. In fact, over half of the books sold are sold in bricks-and-mortar stores such as Indigo. If you want to sell a lot of books and gain visibility in the media and elsewhere, you have to have your books on shelves (not just on a store list, available for order).

To get there, you need to work with a sales and distribution company. A sales representative sells books to a store’s book buyer, who then arranges to put the books on store shelves. The distribution centre gets the books to the stores and collects the money.

Distribution in Canada and the U.S.

At Barlow Books, we can help you get noticed. We distribute books to both Canadian and U.S. stores. Our books are sold to retailers throughout North America, including Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Loblaws, Amazon, as well as independent bookstores and libraries.

Our distributors handle the sale and distribution of books for both countries—in digital and print formats, online and in-store. They also take care of the invoicing.

In Canada, our sales and distribution is handled by Georgetown Publications. In the U.S., sales and distribution is done by Midpoint Trade Books.