Erin Phillips and Korey Kealey

Erin Phillips knows firsthand what hockey families are up against when they try to eat in a healthy way. She cooks for her husband, NHL superstar Chris Phillips, and for three very active children, all of whom spend most nights on the ice. She gets through the day with a fun and easy approach to food, but it’s grounded in careful study.

After studying human kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Erin became a registered nutritional consulting practitioner, specializing in sports nutrition. Today, Erin is devoted to demystifying the nutritional and hydration needs of hockey kids everywhere. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her family.

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Korey Kealey runs Kitchen Konnected, her fast-growing, Ottawa-based food business. She’s a spokesperson for food companies such as Foodland Ontario, Canadian Beef, Ontario Egg Farmers, Crock Pot, Oster, and Jarden Consumer Solution. She’s also a food stylist and recipe creator, and she’s worked in all facets of the food industry. Recently, she co-founded Enerjive Inc., which makes the SKINNY crackers that are becoming a big hit in the health-conscious world.

Korey got her food and nutrition management diploma at the University of Guelph. Living in Ottawa with her husband and three children, all of whom spend a lot of time on the ice, she knows how challenging it can be to serve nutritious meals in between ice time. That’s why she is so passionate about making life easier for hockey families.

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