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The NEW Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging

Eight Proven Ways to Keep You Vibrant, Happy, & Strong

by Dr. Vivien Brown

Updated with the latest advice on sexual health, menopause, vaccines, telemedicine & more

This concise guide to healthy aging offers expert advice from a prominent family doctor on the key health issues women need to understand as they age. This guide comes three years after the author’s first book on healthy aging, and it contains important new advice on sexual health, vaccines, bone health, and how to talk with your family doctor on the phone or online during this COVID pandemic. As a noted expert on many aspects of women’s health, Dr. Brown deals with these issues with her patients in Toronto every day. Practical and informative, this guide covers the top eight issues she believes are most important: nutrition, exercise and sleep, brain health, immunization and disease prevention, menopause, cardiac health, osteoporosis, and sexual health. Sweeping aside the myths and sales tricks that plague women every day, Dr. Brown offers sensible advice based on the latest scientific evidence.