Book – Stewards of the Future

Stewards of the Future

A Guide for Competent Boards

by Helle Bank Jorgensen

In Stewards of the Future, Helle Jorgensen tells senior executives and board members how they can incorporate ESG and climate change into their business planning and operations—a real challenge for 21st-century boards.

No longer do boards have the task of choosing the CEO and making sure they maximize value for shareholders. Now, they have to contend with a wide variety of stakeholders—such as customers, suppliers, vendors, politicians, and social media influencers—who can significantly affect the fortunes of a company. Helle argues that for long-term profits and sustainability, boards need to define the purpose of a company in society and be mindful of broader issues—environmental, social and governance issues.
With deep insights from world leaders and international case studies, Stewards of the Future provides board members and executives a practical guide to how to implement these deep changes.

book specs

5.4" x 8.38" hardcover, 288 pp.


$35.00 CAN



release date

January 12, 2022

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Sarah Miniaci