Toronto’s Lost Golf Courses

How the Game of Golf Shaped the City of Toronto, Volume 1: 1869–1919

with Joanne Doucette

This richly illustrated coffee-table book is the perfect gift for the Toronto golfer and history buff. It’s a pictorial history of golf in Toronto, with over 150 maps, illustrations, and pictures of both the long-lost golf clubs and the prominent people who were the pioneers of golf in the region. It describes the nearly 30 golf courses established in the Toronto area from 1869 to 1919 that literally shaped the city. In fact, if you live in Toronto today, there is a very real possibility that your home is on a former golf course — or is a par five away from one.

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$49.50 (Hardcover)


978-1-988025-39-1 (Hardcover)

release date

April 6, 2019

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Sarah Barlow




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