The Art of the Turnaround

The Art of the Turnaround

In The Art of the Turnaround, Mike Dunlop shares his proven 10-step method for turning around companies in deep financial distress, which he has used to restore some 34 companies to financial health and profitability.

Infused with Dunlop’s down-to-earth humour and deep understanding of how the people in companies actually work, especially at a time of crisis, The Art of the Turnaround offers CEOs of troubled companies, and leaders who are buying distressed companies, a practical way to avoid financial ruin. Dunlop also offers hope that, after the challenging task of turning a money-losing company into a profitable one, life for the CEO as well as those who stay in the company will be enjoyable again.

book specs

5 x 8, 256 pp.


$38.00 CAD/$28.00 US (Hardcover)


978-1-998841-15-8 (Hardcover)

release date

September 9, 2024

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