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Odell's Fall

by Norman Bacal

What happens when you begin your life with nothing but pain and claw your way to the top of the pyramid? There’s only one way to go.

Odell Moore is one of America’s elite commercial lawyers: an African-American success story. Only one thing is missing from his life — until he falls in love and elopes with Dee, the daughter of an Alabama senator.

This is a story of a high-stakes game of survival in a top Manhattan law firm, where love, friendship, and the partnership are torn apart by murder in Odell’s penthouse. Was Odell the killer? Or was it one of the lawyers who would do anything to become a partner?

Othello has arrived in 21st-century Manhattan, in the middle of a whodunit.

Twists and turns abound in the style of Linwood Barclay, and this murder mystery combines the delicious appeal of Louise Penny and the imagination and elegance of Sir Jeffrey Archer to keep you turning the pages until you find the answer.

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release date

October 2, 2019

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Amazon's Bestseller Release Distribution Report. 'Odell's Fall' is a Bestselling Legal Thriller!

Read it here.

  • Launch is set for October 30, 2019, at Gluskin Sheff in downtown Toronto.
  • Positive reviews are coming in on Amazon and NetGalley, and in print media.
  • Goodreads: #2 in Lawyers Books, #8 in Legal Suspense
Detroit Free Press Review of Odell's Fall

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Advance Praise for Odell's Fall

Odell’s Fall is a page-turning, potboiler of a read. For fans of legal thriller icons like Grisham and Turow, the author imbues the genre with a breath of fresh air, creating a fascinatingly complex cast of characters with a myriad of unexpected twists and turns that rivet the reader until the last page. Bacal firmly establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in the same league as the masters of this genre.

Robert Cooper

Former President


With the insider experience of a corporate lawyer, Bacal has written a powerful debut novel. He’s created a world of lethal and legal intrigue.

Robert Rotenberg

International bestselling author of Old City Hall

This is a lightning-fast-paced look into the hearts of darkness of its characters; an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery packed with countless heroes and victims. Truly memorable.

John J. Kelly

Detroit Free Press

A gripping legal novel with superbly crafted twists and turns that rivet attention up to the final page, this is one extraordinary debut novel by an author who gains leverage on the platform of the finest writers of the day. Highly recommended.

Grady Harp

Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame reviewer

What I found fascinating about Bacal’s plot is that he creates a world where the reader is held hostage. It is a plot fueled by incertitude, where you never know where Bacal is going as he slowly weaves a devious scheme and a painfully frightening revelation. He spins a tale in a fluid narrative style with well-paced, well-blocked flurries of exciting action laced with disturbing undertones of mystery and doom where every detail has been put into play for a reason.

Norm Goldman

I thought this was very good! The characters are relatable and the story memorable.

Sofie Hern

via Net Galley

Odell’s Fall will open a door into a story of legal intrigue that you won’t want to leave, and I believe will soon be a favorite among the fans of its genre, and beyond. Highly recommended.

Pamela Gossiaux

Award-winning journalist, bestselling author
5 Stars

Norman Bacal’s book Odell’s Fall lives in the same vein as Othello in the sense that sometimes the pursuit of love and success can bring us down dark roads. If you love mystery and love the old tales of Shakespeare, then you are going to love this book as much as I did.

Kimberly Love

Author, ghostwriter
5 Stars

Praise for Breakdown

An illuminating insider’s account of the collapse of one of Canada's premier law firms. Puts you in the passenger seat of a train wreck.

Jacquie McNish

Senior correspondent

Wall Street Journal

Good storytelling makes for a good book. Norman Bacal's ability to render a business story accessible to all readers, not just lawyers, makes this an entertaining read.

Robert Lantos

Film producer & chair

Serendipity Point Films

A fascinating and important business story, whose lessons on the impact of culture and leadership apply to all organizations, regardless of size, sector or geography.

Calin Rovinescu

President and CEO

Air Canada

Jaw dropping!

Drew Hasselback

Legal post editor

National Post