Book – Odell’s Fall

Odell's Fall

by Norman Bacal

Odell Moore, all-star lawyer in a top Manhattan law firm, is suspected of murdering his father-in-law. The murder becomes a New York sensation: Odell is an African-American allstar who climbed to the top from an impoverished background. His father-in-law is a prominent senator from Alabama. Odell says he doesn’t remember anything about that afternoon, and he doesn’t know why his new wife was found unconscious, bleeding from the head. Did he do it? Or was it his conniving protégé, Jackson Sherman, the Southern aristocrat who said he’d do anything to get to the top (even kill). As detectives and lawyers unravel the puzzle, they discover just how far Jackson would go to become partner. Then Odell discovers a secret he’s been suppressing all his life and who really killed his wife’s father.

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6" x 9"





release date

October 2, 2019

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