Susan Latremoille

Susan Latremoille

As a wealth advisor for over 35 years, Susan assisted her clients to financially plan for their retirements and manage their investments. She saw a common thread among her clients. Having enough money to retire was only a piece of the retirement puzzle. It was the non-financial side that had the greatest impact on the predictability of a successful retirement. Susan is a co-founder and partner in Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors.

Susan is a family enterprise advisor, FEA (Family Enterprise Exchange), and holds an Executive MBA. Susan is a former board member of Richardson Financial Group and holds her ICD.D designation (Institute of Corporate Directors). Susan is a certified retirement coach (CPRC) and an expert level SuccessFinder practitioner.

She is the author of The RichLife: Managing Wealth and Purpose and It’s Not Just about the Money: The Whole Life Approach to Wealth Management, and co-author of On the Shoulders of Atlas: A Story about Transitioning a Family Owned Business and  Thriving Throughout Your Retirement Transition.

She is a world traveler, mom, grandmother, certified yoga teacher, and roof-top gardener.

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