Three Ways to Publish Your Next Book

Published: November 14, 2017

If you are looking for a publisher, what do you do? With the explosion of book publishing options online, it’s getting confusing, so here is the lowdown on the three options you have to publish your next book:

Traditional publishing:

The publisher pays for editing, design, printing, and distribution. In return, the publisher makes most of the money and keeps control of the project.

Upside: You don’t have to pay for publishing, and you get a top-quality book that’s sold in bookstores.

Downside: It’s very hard to land a traditional publishing deal.


You pay upfront and control the project. Your book is sold in online stores such as Amazon.

Upside: It’s cheap and there are no barriers to publishing.

Downside: Most authors sell fewer than 100 books. Your book will not be sold in physical bookstores; the quality of most self-published books is poor.

Hybrid publishing:

You get top quality editing and design, plus access to stores. You pay upfront and make most or all of the book sale profits. You control the project.

Upside: High quality of book editing, design, and production. Your book will be sold in physical stores. You can land a deal with a hybrid publisher like Barlow Books or She Writes Press if it’s a good fit and you are willing to invest.

Downside: It’s expensive, and authors usually do not break even on the sale of books.

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