Can Self-published Writers Find an Agent?

Published: September 28, 2015

Not so long ago, literary agents wouldn’t consider representing a self-published writer. Some still feel that way, because most self-published books are not professionally edited, produced and designed.

Yet as this Forbes article explains, some agents are opening the door. One agent says he’s interested in writers who have sold 5,000 books.

What this means: If you get your book properly edited and produced, and you have the marketing and distribution clout to sell an impressive number of books, you improve your chances of finding an agent and selling your book to a big publisher — if you choose to go that route.

Publishers like Barlow Books use the same editors and designers that traditional publishers do. We use the same sales and distribution network than small traditional publishers use.

When you are choosing a publisher, ask the question: Who will your editor be? What is his or her track record in the business? What kind of sales and distribution does the publisher offer you? Will your book be on the shelves of stores, or only on Amazon?

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