Published: August 14, 2013

  1. Make the author accessible to fans through social media; e.g., host scheduled Q&A sessions

  2. Generate hype before launch by seeding it with like-minded opinion makers

  3. Encourage reviews on Amazon and in app stores

  4. Tease and build awareness by publishing relevant content that supports the storyline and builds intrigue around the book on social platforms; e.g., if it’s a cookbook, publish key images and highlights on Pinterest and Instagram

  5. Use the real world to link back to the digital world by encouraging conversation through hashtags at launch events and signposting the author’s social media presences on marketing materials

Rachel Steed is a Toronto-based digital and communications strategist with six years of international experience (thinking and doing). She’s driven by an abnormally high level of curiosity about the internet, mobile technology, social media, culture, and user behaviour.

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