Why We Say No

Published: October 19, 2015

If you want to write a book to strengthen your brand, does it make any sense to publish one that is poorly written and edited? No, it doesn’t. That’s why we at Barlow Books sometimes have to say No to a manuscript. We’re doing it to protect your brand.

I think you should insist on high quality in the writing of your book. We do. Once your manuscript is submitted to our production team, a seasoned book editor will assess your book to see whether it is structurally sound.

Before you submit your work, ask yourself the following questions: Is your central argument clear? Is it explained in a logical and coherent way? Do you have the anecdotes and other elements in place to win over your target audience? Does the approach suit your target market?

If your book is in good shape, congratulations! Your manuscript is likely ready to be accepted into production. If not, we’ll advise on what work needs to be done. You can then choose to work with an editor to rewrite your manuscript and get it ready for production, or you can take your manuscript elsewhere.

This vetting process is important, for both you and us. We want to help you pursue your mission or deepen your brand to expand your business, and the best way to do this is with a high-quality book that we can both be proud of.

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