Do you want to get into major media? Answer this question…

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Why now?

If you want to get into major media with news of your book, you’ll need to answer this question. And you should ask yourself why your book is relevant now before you start writing.

Journalists know that in any news story, opinion piece or feature, they need to tell readers at the very beginning why they need to read their story right now.

When you’re pitching reporters, you should do the same.

You can always find a news peg, as my former journalistic colleagues used to call it.

We have a book coming out in October called Hypnotherapy for Pain Control. The news peg is obviously the terrible opiod crisis. Another Barlow book, Save Your Mind, about preventing dementia, came out at the right time. A couple of months after we published, a prominent medical journal reported that a lot of dementia cases can be prevented. That news got our author onto a major Toronto radio show and into The Globe and Mail.

Why now?

If you want to get into the media, ask yourself that question.

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