How Can Authors Maximize Their PR Opportunities?

Published: December 1, 2016

As a publisher, one of my favourite things is seeing Barlow authors in the major media. So it was great to see Jim Beqaj on Global News this morning to talk about his new book, True Fit.

True Fit, which went on sale in stores across Canada a couple of weeks ago, is about how to find a job by being the real you. Jim, who hired hundreds of people while he was a top honcho on Bay Street, now runs a consulting firm where he routinely tells clients to be themselves—if they want a job that will make their day.

He looks like an old pro on T.V. In fact, you can watch this Global interview to see how it should be done.

The host asked a good question: Why do so many smart people get the wrong job? Jim knocked it out of the park: “They don’t know themselves.”

Jim gave great answers, short quotable lines, or clips as we used to call them in the journalistic business.

  • “Find yourself first.”
  • “No is a good answer.”
  • “What should I pay you for?”
  • “What’s your perfect day?”

Millennials, he says, are not afraid to be themselves and say what they want. It’s the people in their 40s and 50s who struggle and end up in jobs they don’t like or even want. True Fit is for them: It shows them what questions they need to ask to identify who they really are what kind of job would be a true fit for them.

As publisher, I’m really happy to see the True Fit cover on Global News. It happened because we have a terrific publicity partner—Debby De Groot—who set up the interview.

That kind of PR helps to convince stores to stock the book on their shelves. Our terrific sales reps at Georgetown Publications have sold it into stores across Canada, and even some of the airport stores—a prime location for business people on the fly.

If you’re one of them, the bleary eyed travellers who are wondering how you got into the job you have right now, pick it up. True Fit will give you a way to find work you really love.

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